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What lead limit options are there?

Customizing lead options and limits

We offer four lead options: 

1. No limit 
2. Daily limit 
3. Weekly limit 
4. Monthly limit 

At Bambelo, you have the freedom to choose your preferred option and set your limit. Consult with your Happiness Manager to discuss your decision. They will provide insights into lead availability per region and offer advice on sensible lead numbers. Your Happiness Manager will then set the limit accordingly. You can modify your limit at any time. 

Any adjustments to your limit will take effect in the next period, whether it is an increase or decrease. If you have a daily limit, it begins the next day; for a weekly limit, it starts the following week; and for a monthly limit, it starts the following month. To update your limit, inform your Happiness Manager via telephone, email, or by filling out this form. Your Happiness Manager will promptly assist you in implementing the change.