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What lead limit options are there?

There are 3 options for a lead limit. No limit, a daily or weekly limit

We work with 3 options:

1. You have no limit

2. You have a daily limit

3. You have a weekly limit

At Bambelo you decide which option you choose and the number of your limit. You can discuss this with your Happiness Manager. The Happiness Manager can indicate how many leads there are per region and advise you what is sensible in terms of lead number. Then the Happiness Manager will set the limit for you. You can change your limit at any time.

If we adjust your limit, this will always happen in the next period, both with an increase and decrease. If you have a day limit, it will start the next day. If you have a weekly limit, it will start the following week. You can report changes to your limit to your Happiness Manager. This can be done by telephone, by e-mail or via this form. Your Happiness Manager will contact you to implement the change.